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WebComics History with David deVitry

WebComics started:
David de Vitry coined the term "WebComics" in 1995 to describe his daily collection of online comics. Earliest mention of WebComics online archived in rec.arts.comics.strips

David made a number of other websites at the time and worked on webcomics and eventually webcomics.com through 2000. The site was later sold, but an archive of it exists on thecomicportal.com

David deVitry's other works include:

  • Runabot: An place to make chatbots
  • Picgames
  • MyTheme: Originally AIM themes
  • Lunapic: for online photo editing
  • Blibs: Various games and chatbots
  • Elibs: Madlibs like online games
  • Marietta-pa: A site for the town

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