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Cartoonist FAQ
What is TheComicPortal.com?
It's a place where users can quickly and easily view many of the internet based comics that exist online. Each user has a choice of format for viewing the comics ( Daily/Weekly pages, individually, at random, on Pointcast/IE channel, on MyNetscape Channel, Slashdot.org channel) They can also get comics news, discuss the comics, and do other fun stuff.

How would you describe the comics on WebComics
They vary greatly from weekly editorial to funny daily strips. Most comics are not syndicated, but they are looking to be. There is a mix of professional and nonprofessional cartoonists.

Why would a cartoonist put their cartoon on WebComics?
To increase viewership and to get their comic out there. Also, comics at WebComics have added features like email postcards and discussions that may not exist on the cartoonist's site.

How do all these comics get on WebComics?
Well, technically, most of the comics are not actually copied onto webcomics' servers, their graphic is merely linked to on the dynamic cartoon pages. Cartoonists submit a static page or graphic URL in which to get the comic from. WebComics also hosts/mirrors several cartoonist sites. We have a special comic robot & database for keeping the cartoons up to date.

How do I improve my toons rank in the top 50?
Toon rankings are determined my the number of people who see your toon on WebComics. To get more people to see you toon, you can link directly to your toon's page on WebComics. You can also use the "add to favorites" link. Icons are available on our Links Page.

Is their any money involved?
No. Cartoonists do not pay or get paid for this. Dave does not make any money on this. There are several ads on the site that go towards hosting fees. Cartoonists are welcome to place ads or sell things on their site to make money.

I can't be around all the time, how do I get my toon to update on a regular basis?
Fear not, WebComics has a scheduling program to update toons on a daily, weekly, or whatever basis. If you are a techie, or have one at your disposal, you can install it yourself at your server, here is the source code. However, if you don't have a techie, or access to "cron", we can host your toon here and use our scheduler. We have a secure web based upload area for your toons. Email David to request an account.

How do I get Featured on the homepage?
Not all cartoonists can be featured on the homepage, that is, featured with and icon. In the past, I have featured toons that I like or thought were funny. I have now decided to add more restrictions, but more open accounting. So, to be featured on the homepage, your toon must follow these measures:

  • Your toon must be updated at least once a week.
  • Your toon must be on the top 20 most viewed or highest rated lists. (however, execptions may be made for toons I really really like)
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you would put a graphical link to WebComics placed on your main page
  • You must submit an acceptable, non animated, color icon (80x80) with the title, along with a suggested description for the homepage.
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